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More update problems

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More update problems
I just tried to update to v 1.1.0, and came across several problems.

1) my admin path is /home/yoga/html/gforum/admin, and I said so in the update. However, it installed all the models etc in /home/yoga/html/forum/admin, probably because my cgi_root_path is /home/yoga/html/forum

2) trying to view /forum/gforum.cgi wouldn't show any forums. So revert to the default (not local) category_list.html template, and adapt it. That worked.

3) my globals were gone (I always used default as the template set, thought that was save, because of doing local copies). Fortunately, there was a backup. So apparently globals.txt is overwritten in the upgrade.

4) tryied to set cgi_root_path (and _url) from /home/yoga/html/gforum to ../forum. OK,. but if I try to view /forum/gforum.cgi it gives my internal server error:

Compilation failed in require at /home/yoga/html/forum/gforum.cgi line 17.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /home/yoga/html/forum/gforum.cgi line 17.

Viewing /gforum/gforum.cgi works just fine.

I also tried this with a clean new install (which by the way worked flawlessly) and it did produce the same error. So there seems to be a problem in general, if gforum.cgi is not at the "same place" as all the modules.

5) What I also noticed: in Defs.pm there is image_url and image_path, whereas I can only set image_url in the admin panel. In my case, one was pointing at ../images/gforum and the other at ../images/forum

At the moment I have switched back to v 1.0.0, mainly because gforum.cgi gives an error when I place it in /forum/ instead of /gforum/.

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