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Missing functions

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Missing functions
Hi all, though i want to wait for the community, i have played around with the forum this day the first time.
While using vbuletin and some other scripts before, i miss some functions on GT.

How could i give grants to users, so a forum could only be seen, written or read when i give a user this grants.

We have an open part; every one could read, only registered could write.
We have a closed part; only registered could read and write
We have an admin part, only admins and mods could read and write.

But for now i need a fourth part, where only registered users could read and write that have got special grants from me to do that. (Its for our best clients to have some special information and disussing that other clients should not get.)


BTW: Where can i find the language vars?
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Re: [Robert] Missing functions In reply to
language vars :: /cgi-bin/gforum/admin/templates/default/language.txt
ooops better yet ... using your browser goto the admin area ... templates link ... left side Language Vars.

can't you setup a group for your other question?

have fun

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile

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QooQ: Feb 17, 2002, 6:27 AM
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Re: [Robert] Missing functions In reply to

When you add a forum you can choose if you want to give Guests, Non Validated Users, Registered Users or Moderators either 'No Access', 'Viewable in Forum List', 'Posts viewable but not readable', 'Read access', 'Read/Reply access', 'Read/Reply/Post access'.

You can also set up custom groups and give access to only a specific group.


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