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Minor issue, moved post to restricted forum

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Minor issue, moved post to restricted forum
I notice in the Chit Chat forum an issue I recently ran into.

Link: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...arch.com..._P240483/

Here a post has been moved to a restricted forum, and the moved post marker left in its place. I had the same recently on my forum and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth by users, "I can't get to this post", etc.

Perhaps there could be some sort of check or self cleanup when attempting to move a post from a public forum to a private one? I realize you could uncheck the "leave moved post marker", but a moderator is bound to miss that once and a great while.

Just a thought.
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Re: [ArmyAirForces] Minor issue, moved post to restricted forum In reply to
There is an error here - the post should not be linked if the target has moved to another forum. However, it still should show up, but shouldn't be linked. The problem is that there is no concept of "private" or "public" forums - GForum knows that the currently logged in user can or cannot access a particular post, and there really is no clear way to define public vs. private forums. However, I've added a 1.2.0 fix for this to not link the thread.

If you wanted to take it out of the forum loop completely, you could add this right after <%loop post_loop%> (the post_moved_perm is new for 1.2.0, and won't work in previous versions):

<%if post_moved and post_moved_perm < 3%><%nextloop%><%endif%>

Jason Rhinelander
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