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Making Status Match Group

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Making Status Match Group
Let me start by mentioning that I'm using Community to register users in both LinksSQL and Forum. These users are maintained in tiers via the Status: Guests are not in the collective database, Registered are non-members in the database, Members (custom status), and Administrators. I have the Status working the way I want in LinksSQL.

I notice that by default the tiers of Status in Forum happen to match the default list of Groups. Am I safe to assume that a Forum users with a Status of Registered would automatically belong to the Registered Group?

If I add Members as a Status and Members as a Group, is there a way I can link the two so changing the Status of a user automatically changes the user's Group? Is this even a desirable thing (am I missing a functionality?)?

Does a person belong to only one Group, or can he/she belong to multiple Groups? If multiples, is there a way to predetermine which Groups the user defaults to when the Status changes?

Are we having fun yet?

Alan Frayer
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