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Icons for users

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Icons for users
When this feature is released to all, can we limit the size of an image in pixels the user uploads. Have width and height functions in admin, so even if the image is larger it will display at the reduced size. I assume there will be limits on filesize too.

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Re: [wickedmoon] Icons for users In reply to
Hi Jason,

Yes, the uploadable user_icon has admin settings to enable/disable, to specify the maximum filesize (in bytes), and to specify the maximum width and height the icon can be. If an icon exceeds the width/height limit, it is scaled down proportionally. In other words, If I upload a 200w x 100h image, and the maximum width is 100 (the default), my image will be displayed at 100 x 50. The image stored on the server isn't resized, it just uses width= and height= tags on the image to have the browser resize it.

Jason Rhinelander
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