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Firefox and the Advaced Editor

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Firefox and the Advaced Editor
On my forum:


My users (and myself) are not able to use the advanced editor in FireFox. I notice I can use it here. On my forum I don't even get the "Switch to Advanced Editor" button in FireFox.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
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Re: [earthgolf] Firefox and the Advaced Editor In reply to

It is most likely an issue of needing to upgrade a few templates. The ability to use the editor in Mozilla-based browsers (i.e. Firefox) was added in 1.2.1, and involved several changes to the 'common' templates, as well as the post_write.html, post_reply_write.html templates. If you go to your admin panel -> Templates -> Diffs -> 1.2.0 - 1.2.1 and look for the "post_write.html", "post_reply_write.html", and "post_edit.html" templates you'll see the changes that are needed to get the editor to show up in Firefox.

Jason Rhinelander
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