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Error updating to 1.1.8

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Error updating to 1.1.8
Just tried updating from 1.1.6 to 1.1.8. Everything seemed to go fine except for this one error:

Adding user_email index to User table...
An error occured: Failed to execute query: 'ALTER TABLE gforum_User ADD INDEX u_e (user_email)' Reason: Column 'user_email' is used with UNIQUE or INDEX but is not defined as NOT NULLAdding column forum_move_pointer to Forum table...

The forum seems to be working fine. Is there anything I should do to correct this error?
Michael Coyne
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Re: [mcoyne] Error updating to 1.1.8 In reply to
I'd ignore it - it isn't all that important, and it certainly isn't a show-stopper.

Jason Rhinelander
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