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Days to save new post data

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Days to save new post data

What is the utility of forum_new_timeout column ("Days to save new post data") in the forum table?

Thank you.

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Re: [Franco] Days to save new post data In reply to
Hi Franco,

As a speed optimization, we introduced this feature in 1.1.2. Basically, Gossamer Forum "forgets" your new post data for forums that you haven't entered in this many days. For example, if it is set to 90 days, and I haven't entered a particular forum for 90 days, that forum will show up as consisting entirely of new posts.

Calculating new posts is one of the more complex operations in Gossamer Forum. This change was introduced to make it a little easier on the server by not having to keep track of the new posts in forums that users never enter.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] Days to save new post data In reply to
oh...whew! I was thinking that maybe the "Days to save new post data" field in the "Add Forum" form, was an auto-delete-message function. That's what happens with an anxiety disability!

It was introduced in v.1.1.2 but I've got the manual for v.1.1.4 and gforum v.1.1.6 ... couldn't find that function in the manual. Any plans for an updated manual?