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Common User Login with LinksSQL

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Common User Login with LinksSQL
Greetings All!

Is it possible with the new GForum software to use a 'single user database' that is linked with LinksSQL. One of the 'pet' hates from my users is having to register at the moment within LinksSQL and also wwwThreads (I know there is a plugin but I haven't been able to work out how to import all my current users into wwwThreads - and I don't think it 'marries up' all that well)?

This may already exist as an option - but I can't find where it is spelled out clearly.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: [Clint] Common User Login with LinksSQL In reply to
1) This has been asked before and the answer provided by Alex and others is that you need to use a plugin to connect GT Forum with LINKS SQL.

2) Also, Alex has also mentioned that the GT Community product will allow common logins across all GT products.
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Re: [Chewbaca] Common User Login with LinksSQL In reply to

will there be an import function of the user who are registered by wwwthreads?


Michael Skaide


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Re: [Michael Skaide] Common User Login with LinksSQL In reply to
Gossamer Forum ships with an import script (in the "tools" subdirectory of the admin directory - import.pl).

This script contains support for a WWWThreads import - which we used when converting this site. The products supported by the import script will soon be expanded - currently only WWWThreads imports are supported.

Jason Rhinelander
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