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Alternative to Copy Shortcut javascript?

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Alternative to Copy Shortcut javascript?
Heya all,

Is there an alternative way to link a specific post in flat mode quickly and easily? The Javascript link works well but obviously only for IE >=4. 90% of my users view the forums in flat mode and quite a few of them use non-IE browsers.

Safe swoops
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Re: [sangiro] Alternative to Copy Shortcut javascript? In reply to
Hi Sangiro,

As far as I know, there is no single-click solution for other browsers, however do something like this:

Inside include_post_display.html, look for the Copy Shortcut link. Two lines below will be '<%endif%><%endif%>'. Immediately above the endif's, add this:

<a href="<%cgi_root_url%>/gforum.cgi?post=<%post_id%>#<%post_id%>">Shortcut</a>
That change will put a "Shortcut" link for non-IE 4+ browsers - but it isn't meant to be clicked on, but you can use your browser's "Copy Link" or "Copy Shortcut" functionality or whatever else the browser may call it in order to copy the link.

Jason Rhinelander
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