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Advanced Editor and Mozilla

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Advanced Editor and Mozilla

Is there any way to get Mozilla (or for that matter the new Firebird Browser) to access the Advanced Editor?

Mozilla seems have matured dramatically now - and I notice that an increasing number of users out there are using it. Mozilla also seems to be more 'standards compliant' than IE - therefore I am just assuming that the Advanced Editor in GForum uses some proprietary IE tags ...? Is that correct?

If anyone has a solution I'd be interested to hear from you.

Have a great Xmas....


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Re: [Clint] Advanced Editor and Mozilla In reply to
We have a new version of the editor in the works, which has been modified to work with Mozilla 1.4 and above (including Firebird 0.6+, and the latest Netscape version). We expect to release it as a 1.2.1 update within the first week or two of January. This release will also contain a few other features such as inline images, which has been often requested, and a "Delete All" + "Keep" (for messages not to be deleted by "Delete All") for private messages.

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Re: [Jagerman] Advanced Editor and Mozilla In reply to

How about an "export" for private messages ?? <G>

Some are worth keeping, and it would be cool if the private message database could be dumped, in perhaps a Unix Mailbox format? Shouldn't be too hard, though I don't know how GF stores the messages. This is top of my list of "hacks" or plugins for GF.

People often use the PM function for communications, and it would be great to be able to get them into an Email program, or even into an MS Word doc for scanning/searching.

That brings up a "Forward" button for PM's that would forward the message to your registered email.

Knowing the code for actually doing this from Links SQL, it shouldn't be hard -- the only unknown on my end is how to retrieve the messages for sending. But, from a "power user" or business standpoint, these features would be major benefits for higher-end forum installations, and support forums.

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