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I've seen that there is a new GForum version installed.

What are the new features/bug fixes and when will we get hands on this 1.1.4 version?

Regards, Lars
Lars von Olleschik
MedXhead GmbH - http://www.medxhead.com
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Re: [ollesch] 1.1.4 In reply to
We're doing some final testing now with 1.1.4. There aren't many new features, just several small bug fixes and updates. A Poll plugin (http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...orum.cgi?post=184614) will also be available shortly after the 1.1.4 release (1.1.3 had a problem preventing its use).

One of the other things we will be making available with the release is an administrator manual to help people in customizing the forum to get the most out of their forum installation.

Jason Rhinelander
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