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Group Moderator plugin

There is a new plugin, "GroupMod", available for download. This plugin basically allows you to assign a single moderator to a group, who is then able to add and remove group members. In this way, you can delegate access to a forum to the new group, and have someone other than the admin in charge of allowing/disallowing access to the forum.

You can download this plugin directly through Gossamer Forum - simply go to the Plugins menu, click "Plugin Download", then click the button to show plugins available on Gossamer Threads.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] Group Moderator plugin In reply to
Now why do my hooks look like:
$mgr->install_hooks ( 'KarmaPolice', [ ['do_post_view_flat', 'POST', 'Plugins::GForum::KarmaPolice::post_view_flat', 'FIRST'] ]);

and yours:
$mgr->install_hooks(GroupMod => [['display_group', 'PRE', 'Plugins::GForum::GroupMod::display_group', 'FIRST']]);


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Paul: Sep 5, 2002, 2:22 PM
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Re: [Jagerman] Group Moderator plugin In reply to
Thanks for making this available. I think it can be a very handy tool to "rent" some of your forums. I am e.g. thinking about setting up a category with "private" forums, where certain usergroups (in my case this would be different yoga associations) can discuss among themselves. These people can have a private discussion forum, without the hassle of setting up their own forum.

A few points:

1) there is a bug in the "groupmod_select.html" template, <%group_name%> is not available as a tag.

2) It would be handy to have a page where users could request to be included in a specific group. For example if a user cllicks on a forum that is only accessible to certain usergroups, one could list the groups that do have access, together with a button "Request Membership". An email/PM would be sent to the group moderator. The group moderator would then have a page where he can validate the users. An email/PM would be sent back to the user, stating that they have been accepted or rejected.

The second point might also be a good feature for GForum 2.

Iyengar Yoga Resources / GT Plugins
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Re: [yogi] Group Moderator plugin In reply to
Interesting you should mention this 'rent' forum idea. I wish to do the same thing myself with certain local user groups.

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Re: [Jagerman] Group Moderator plugin In reply to
I've created a plugin for a client that generates a new page listing all group moderators and the group they moderate with a link to be able to private message the group moderator. The client has allowed me to offer this plugin to the public, so I'm just posting to see if there is any interest.