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[NEW PLUGIN] ReportAUser v1.0

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[NEW PLUGIN] ReportAUser v1.0

I'm pleased to announce my latest plugin, ReportAUser v1.0.

This plugin lets your users report anyone who's "trolling", abusing other members, or just being a general nuisance on your forum. You can then go in your admin panel, to a "view reports" page, where you can see all users who have been reported. Once you have dealt with this users (or decided its not worthy of an action, you can set the report to "been processed", and it will go from your report list then.

Detailed Page: http://www.ultranerds.com/...ns/ReportAUser_L237/

This plugin is also part of the "GForum ULTRA Package" [ view all ]

Price: $35

Plugin Requirements:

  • Gossamer Forum 1.2.0+


  • Very simple to install
  • Lets your users interact with you, and let you know which users they feel are abusing the forum
  • Easy to use admin area, to view the reported users, and deal with them.


You can see the screenshots here: http://www.ultranerds.com/...ns/ReportAUser_L237/

As always, if you have any questions - please don't hesitate to ask.


Andy (mod)
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