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CRON Job for outgoing.pl

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CRON Job for outgoing.pl
Hello... I had the CRON job running every hour for outgoing.pl and last night the list got big enough that it could not mail it in an hour... on hour two when the CRON started to run, now we had two copies of each message being sent... on hour 3 we had 3 copies of each message being sent... this ended up being a catch 22 and what we ended up with was 6 outgoing.pl scripts running at the same time all mailing the same message. Needless to say I'm listed on spam cop now Pirate

1- is there any safety lock you can put on this so it only runs one copy of a script at a time?

2- I set the CRON up to run hourly thinking I could equal out the sever load, but is that true... ie if a lead is added on june 6th at 13:00 and the message is set up to mail in 1 day... does it mail on June 7th at 1:00 or does it mail at 13:00 if I have the CRON set to run every hour?


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You should only be running cron once a day. If you run cron once a day this will not happen. There is going to be a fix in the newer version so that two outgoings will not run at the same time, but really you should only be running it once a day.

It doesn't really even ease up the server load because the only real load will be the first time that it runs that day.

Mel Goulet
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