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long/short display

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long/short display
In trying to make several mods one by one which I had on dbman tranfer to the mysql ver I've come to a stand still.
The long/short display mod shows the short mod ok but does not link to any record (showing db.cgi?db=db&uid=default&view_records=1&id=*&nh=-25&mh=1 for all links to long records)

What is needed to be changed in the following:

# create link to full display
$record_number = ((($nh - 1) * $db_max_hits) + $i);

$long_url = $ENV{'QUERY_STRING'};
$long_url =~ s/\&nh=\d+//;
$long_url =~ s/\&mh=\d+//;
$long_url = "$db_script_url?$long_url&nh=$record_number&mh=1";