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I'm used to working on Databases on my PC but this MySQL is a whole new ball game and as my companies web site designer I'm trying to incorporate an online DB but have so far failed dismally Frown
I don't understand shell and couldn't find a simple shell progam to download so I thought I would just install MySQL manager from the cgi resourse centre and instalation is fine until it comes to logging in. I have edited the mysql.cfg file as instructed in the README file but it looks as though I'm not putting the correct info in the right places or in the log in page.

Real basic help I know but I gotta start somewhere! I've read as much info as I can and I don't fully understand some but I got the basics (I think) and I want to tinker.

Can anyone guide me what changes are needed to be made in the config file and what I need to enter in the login page in the top text field as this is the details I was sent from my hosts upon requesting MySQL to be installed:

Host Server: mysql.[my domain].com
Shell: /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql
A username
A password

Thanks in advance.