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1) For "logging", you can create another table called "Loggin" within your DBMAN database. This table should contain the following fields/columns:

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UserID (from the Users table or your main DBMAN table)
Action (record last query string or action)
IPAddress (IP Address of User)
HTTP_Referer (Log the last page visited)

And you can, of course, add other columns.

Then you can add a sub within the db.cgi that logs users. Shouldn't be hard to do...use the sub add_record routine as a model.

Then to keep the table clean, you could write a shell file to be executed by Crontab that deletes the table every few hours.

2) If all you want to do is develop an internal database for your own purposes, you can simply download DBI, MySQL, Perl for Win32 (ActiveState), and also a web server (apache, preferrably). For more info on "off-line" editing, search the support forums for offline editing.


Eliot Lee
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