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DBMan SQL and shopping carts

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DBMan SQL and shopping carts
My boss would like to know which is better and easier to use, DBMan SQL or WebTeacher.com's WebData Pro. We have purchased neither yet, but would like to get whichever is better for our needs. WebData Pro can come with an easily-integrated shopping cart, supposedly. What cart options does a person wanting to use DBMan SQL have? Specifically, we want a cart that can trigger different order notifications (order info that is sent when an order is placed) to go to different entities for fulfillment based or what product/service is being ordered. How can DBMan SQL help us here, please? Also, I'm not clear on what DBMan SQL hosting solutions there are that come with integrated shopping carts, if any. Thank you.
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Post DBMan SQL and shopping carts geric 1600 Dec 30, 2001, 5:35 PM