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I thought building a database-application is quite easy using DBMan SQL -but it isn't at all!

It's easier to programm one out of the box!!!!

I think it is very complicated to set up things right.

Especially designing a useable template set is very hard and nothing at all for people who aren't used to work with the GT-template-system...and even then it is hard for there are many tags that aren't really explained.

Also the structure and functions of the admin-area is totally worse! No usabillity at all!

I must say that other GT-Products are much better !!!!


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Re: [ManuGermany] Comments In reply to
Hi Manu,

How do you think these things can be improved? Is it a documentation problem, a user interface problem or a feature problem?

I do agree that there is a steep learning curve and that it took me much more time to build then I expected, but apart from some documentation improvements, I wouldn't know how the software could be improved....


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Re: [jaspercram] Comments In reply to
hi, thanks for your reply!

well there are various things and working with DBMan SQL every minute new things are coming up.

I think a must is an understandable and useable documentation of all functions and tags.

See my new post here:


The provided documentation is very nice but what I wrote in my posting (link above) is missing and as I think extremly neccessary!

My other point is the usability of the admin. To tell all things I am missing or I dont't like would take to much time .

But an example:

In Relationships->Queries->Listings you have your defined queries in a drop down menu showing just the Name you gave them but not the function of the query itself.

I think it would be quite better to have a table of queries instead of a dropdown-menu showing the query-function name and an sql select-tag to have a quick look what the query does.

Another thing is that you can't really work with the User-Tables. I know that this is a thing of how DBMan is designed but as I have some knowledge in programming SQL-applications it is hard for me to give things out of my hand.

For example I wanted to blow up the user-table to add things like address, phone-number,etc. I added this via the table properties-function. But in the form generated by DBMan SQL the added columns are not displayed. I still didn't find out how to manage this.

Also I didn't found out how to search and display data of the user-table.

Another thing is building Relationships. For me things would be much clearer if the user-table would be integrated so that you would be able to (visibly) setup relations like




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