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Admin Loop

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Admin Loop
Still having problems... but this one is weird.

I set my permissions to:

$auth_no_authentication = 0;
$auth_logging = 0;
$auth_allow_default = 1;
@auth_default_permissions = (1,0,0,0,0);
$auth_signup = 0;
@auth_signup_permissions = (1,0,0,0,0);
$auth_view_own = 0;

What I'm tring to do is get a url that will take the Admin or Owner to the login screen to make changes to the record.

Then I need a url for the user just to view the records without having to log in.

But with the settings above, if you go to the
search url:


It goes through some kind of loop.

First it lets you select the search fields then when you hit view records, it goes to the login screen. why? Then if you enter a login name and password it goes to the search again, and it does that over and over.

I don't understand. I just want to set the permissions so that the user can view the records without having to input a user name and password.

Also I want to create a link to the main menu, so that it will ask for a login so the Admin can make changes to the records.

Sorry that I don't understand how the permissions work. I hope that someone can help.

Thank you--


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