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newbie with ideas

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newbie with ideas

i'm a newbie with dbman. but i have some ideas i want help with. i'm the webmaster for the IUPUI Student Foundation:


we have events all year and one of them is ultimate frisbee. i want the database to i guess register teams and then a page to show the teams without someone signing up or loging in to the database. a sample website that we had ideas from is:


thanks for anybody that can help me out.

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Re: [burnsy] newbie with ideas In reply to
This would be very easy with DBMan. I would suggest visiting JPDeni's DBMan tutorial to get started.

Using the referenced signup form you provided above you can easily use the same fields for your database.

JPDeni's site contains a configurator which will guide you through setting up your database fields and initial forms which can then be modified to suit your needs.


There is also a DBMan FAQ which provides many tips and tricks which is noted below.

Unoffical DBMan FAQ

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Re: [LoisC] newbie with ideas In reply to
thanks for the reply. i hope it will help.