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diff between Links 2.0 & DBMan?

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diff between Links 2.0 & DBMan?
I have been using Links 2.0 for the last 3 years, but since I changed hosts, it's lost a few features (like verifying links). I was thinking of changing products.

What are the differences between Links 2.0 and DBMan? I am running a library, where I sort the URLs into categories, and everyone else just clicks on them to go to the author's site. I have about 6,100 links. One of the most popular features on my site is the 'random' search feature.

the admin demo for DBMan looks very similar to Links 2.0, but the user pages don't.

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Re: [JCVille] diff between Links 2.0 & DBMan? In reply to
Links is just for URLs. DBMan is for any database.

Links has a built-in rating system. You would have to add something to DBMan in order to have that.

Links has a verification tool, although you don't seem to be able to use it now. DBMan does not.

Links will make static html pages to lessen the load on your server. DBMan does not.

You would have to add code to DBMan in order to keep the random search.

Personally, I think Links is a better choice for keeping a list of URLs than DBMan is, even without the verification feature.

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