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Search date Range

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Search date Range
Hi all,

How to is it possible to do a Date Rang Search in DBman.
For example, in a vehicle database I would like to do a search for all the vehicles added on before or between dates that are of a certain category (field entry)

So, could I search for all Fords added after 20-Feb-2002
or all Fords added after 20-Feb-2002 and before 1-Apr-2002

Any help appreciated
Cheers Norv
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Re: [Syte] Search date Range In reply to
"greater than" and "less than" search on one date field

You can perform a "greater than" and "less than" search on one date field within DBMan.

Assuming your field name which holds the date is called "Date", add the following fields to your search form:

Dates after: &nbsp; <input type="text" name="Date-gt">
Dates before: <input type="text" name="Date-lt">

You will want to make a custom search form and also include your category list so they can choose a category first.
Then, you would just enter the dates in the fields and it would do the search.

You can find other methods of doing searches in the FAQ under the section 'Dates'.

Unoffical DBMan FAQ