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Records lost?

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Records lost?
I had a two databases of like

- one was greater in size 2.5mb

- the other was a much smaller like 200 kbs only.

Both databases were separate, except for sharing of the Auth mod.

But, I have lost the Data? in both files? Is it a server problem. The DB files have been cut off to half of the database? I think it's not something to do with the Database size? or is it?

Thanks God, I am in habit of backing up database every week, so its still safe on my hard drive, but why lost on the server, its not secure.

Is it has to do something with flock? anybody has got the flock mod for DBman?
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Here's your sign!


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There is the setting within your .cfg file to turn on flocking:

# Use file locking (1 = Yes, 0 = No). Should be used, but won't work on Win95.
$db_use_flock = 1;

I can see the large database getting corrupted with being so large, but I'm curious did you loose data during the process of adding records as admin? I found out several months ago that on one of the servers I use that If I have javascript turned on in my browser and try adding or modifying a record for some odd reason it would wipe out the database.

If I turn off javascript in my browser (which I usually do when surfing) I have no problems.

It would be interesting to hear if anyone else has had the same problems. I tend to think it caused by the poor formatting for the advertising banners that causes the problem in my case??

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