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Database Newbie Help

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Database Newbie Help
Ok, I have read a lot of stuff on the message boards, FAQ's and more today and now I have brain drain! I am a web designer and not a database programmer so I use a different side of the brain than most of you do :) But it takes both worlds to make things happen. So, here is what I am wanting to do:

Create a Service Call system so that a user can add new jobs to be done to the database. I also want the ability to link the jobs database to a Sub Contractor database. So when the user is entering a job they can insert the existing information for a sub contractor into the new job's information. Maybe a step-by-step would be helpful...

1.) Office worker enters details of new painting job, such as Work Order #, Location, Description, etc.

2a.) Office worker then uses a drop down list of existing sub-contractors and selects one, this in turn fills in that sub's city, state, etc.


2b.) Office worker enters new sub-contractor information

3.) Office worker can then later view that job's information complete with the sub-contractor's information for a printable report.

I think this is fairly easy compared to some of the other projects I have seen listed in the forums. If someone could maybe point me to a tutorial of a similar project I would really appreciate it. JPDeni's relational.txt helped me in understanding realtional databases compared to flatfile but I need a little further guidance.

Thanks in advance.

Chad Hardy

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