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style sheets... easy edit

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style sheets... easy edit
I love the idea that programs like Links can be edited LOOK wise by one simple style sheet (luna). I hate the fact that css is actually a programming language, and besides having to learn it (not that it is arduous), you have to figure out all of the exact style names for LINKS. This does not include having to tweak each browser hack.

Gossamer Threads has pretty much written its own second hand programming language outside of perl: the GT Template. It can be easily learned by a novice programmer to get the desired results.

So... why not write something to easily edit the look of links. Maybe use something like CSS::Tiny module:

to grab all of the styles and create a style admin with options like:

Body Background Color: (java box to select color)
Background Image: (browse file box)
Logo Image (brows file box)
Show Right SB (checkbox)
------> If checked show options like
Right SB Background Color (java color box)
Right SB Borders: (top bottom right left)
Right SB Border Color (Java check box)
Use Background Image (browse file box)
Font settings (color box)
Add Right bar options
Show Left Side Bar
-------> same options as right
Error font (java color select box, font box) or say "Default"
(list all basic options)
- have a text box at the bottom for advanced editors (until this program is fully automated without a use for it)

This program could go many many steps beyond (even maybe allow users the option to custumize their my.linkspage.com).

But the basic though it to make CSS editing easy and automated. Anyone agree or have any additional ideas?

- Jonathan