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Popup Blocker for the GT toolbar?

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Popup Blocker for the GT toolbar?

I've been meaning to mention this for a while now...

The GT toolbar is something that I've been very interested in for my LinksSQL site. Lately I've been noticing several SE's are now including Popup Blockers built into their toolbars. Alexa being one of the larger ones that comes to mind. By providing this feature it really gives surfers a reason to install and put the toolbar to use. Many surfers actually pay good money for software that blocks popups. Since many of us don't control the sites linked through our portal, a popup blocking toolbar would give our valuable surfers a way surf our entire sites clear of this annoying advertising. Like I said I'm very interested in the toolbar. The problem is I hate to cough up that kind of money, and have very few actually put it to use.

Hopefully you fine people at GT will take this into consideration in the future. Anyone else have any input or suggestions?

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Re: [Jonze] Popup Blocker for the GT toolbar? In reply to
Thanks for the feedback, and definitely a good idea.


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