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GT::SQL->sql() method as alternative to last_query()

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GT::SQL->sql() method as alternative to last_query()
Similarly how GT::SQL::Condition objects have sql() method to display the SQL condition, GT::SQL would need an sql() method, which could display the last executed query. The sql() would be alternative to last_query() method, which is available in GT::SQL::Driver::debug.
This would be useful to make GT SQL API consistent. So would be fine to match the sql() method used in GT::SQL::Condition objects, and last_query().

Both last_query() and sql() methods should be possible to be called from GT::SQL, like GT::SQL->last_query() and GT::SQL->sql().

Sorry, if it may not be really clear, I got influenza, so I'm really tired now. Going to bed. Unsure

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