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GM Feature Request

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GM Feature Request
Hi GT Team,

Just a feature request for Future release of GM.
  • Reminder Mails Feature: Set the date, occassion and the number of days to be reminded before and bang there should be a reminder mail delivered to the account owner.
  • Dynamic Virtual Hosting Feature (A Cheap Version is available from http://dvhs.com.md/ ). I am getting the Test installation done by them and integrated with GM Database sometime this week in 49 USD. Actually the reasons for taking this are two fold:
    • Offer Subdomain Hosting accounts of 3MB each.
    • Since GM does not have Reminders of Account Expiry, I plan to use the Auto Reminder feature of DVHS (http://dvhs.com.md/) to send reminder emails for renewal of account. There are other host of features on DVHS which has prompted me to go for it ( http://dvhs.com.md/features.html )
  • Including Multiple Addresses from the Address Book in To: CC: fields.

Just a request for forthcomin releases.



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