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Links + RingLink

I once saw a small mod on the Resources center to turn the Links db into a WebRing, giving people entering the detailed view an option to jump to the "next", "next x", "random" sites on the Ring.

I'd like to go a bit far and create a new field, called "Ring enabled?", a switch either I (admin) or the user would be able to enable/disable.

If enabled, user is REQUIRED to include an HTML code in his/her page so others can navigate thru the Ring without the need to find the site on the dabatase first.

So it's basically a mix of the RingLink project (http://www.ringlink.org/) and Links2.

Since Links is ASCII database driven, with sites conformed with unique numeric ID's, this should be sorta easy to implement.

I'm willing to pay for this mod.



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I may be missing something, but it seems it's just a minor modification of jump.cgi using the 'random' feature, or a "next" feature picking the next link in sequence via ID or some other criteria.

Your ring sites would just call your modified cgi, which would return a "location" of the next site or theprevious site.

You could hard-code it, and pass fewer parameters, by having a next_ring.cgi and prev_ring.cgi, and all it would take is the current site ID as ?ID=nnnn and then return the next location.

Error checking and reciprocal links could get complicated, but at the simplest level, this is all it needs.

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Re: Links + RingLink In reply to

In fact, here's the wish list of the features of the ring:

- Next, Next 5
- Prev, Prev 5
- Random (already exists)
- List of participating sites
- Reliable HTML code spider (Seeking for it only on participating sites and email them to readd the code, and turn off the switch automatically).

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Re: Links + RingLink In reply to
ou want just only one ring with multi sites or multi rings?
I think I could help you do this mods.

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