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Help Wanted - Links 2.0 Repair

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Help Wanted - Links 2.0 Repair
I have a modified version of links 2.0 at http://http;//listchannel.com/dir/ that has decided to break down after a year of faithful service. I can't get a response from the original contractor I used to do the installation and modifications, so I'm back looking for someone knowledgeable and reliable to help fix the problems. Our issues include:

1) What's New and What's Cool pages do not load.
2) Detailed Listing pages aren't being created with new listings.
3) Categories aren't showing all listings with the more link. The more link doesn't even show on some categories when it should.

I've racked my brain, and wasted too much time trying to find/fix the problem. Now it's time to get a pro to get it done.

Email me at diradmin@listchannel.com with questions, rates or quote. Time is of the essence, One contractor will be selected, all replies will receive a response.