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Add Clickbank as payment method?

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Add Clickbank as payment method?
Can I pay GT or a third party to make Clickbank into a payment method for Glinks 3.1.0 for me?

I have mod'd my LSQL V2 to use Clickbank and have build up a system of managing emails, payments, and links around Clickbank, so I'd prefer to stick with what works for me as I upgrade to Glinks. I'd also (due to extremely poor support) prefer not to be forced into using PayPal if at all possible.

Anyone interested?


PS: I originally posted this in the Links forum, but on reflection this one seems more appropriate - apologies for the duplicate.
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Re: [qango] Add Clickbank as payment method? In reply to

Have you considered 2Checkout.com? We use them, and have found them to be very good (also, GLinks supports this payment processor Smile)

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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