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Where's Links SQL?

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Where's Links SQL?

That seems to be the question everyone's been asking, and unfortunately I don't have a great answer just yet.

Why has it taken so long? Well the main reason is we are developing a core set of modules that will be used in all future products and custom work. In the long run this will be a worthwhile move as it will allow us to rapidly create code that will work on multiple platforms, multiple databases, all without any effort. However, it's turned out to be a lot more difficult and time consuming then originally planned.

Where are we now? We have finished our SQL engine allowing us to define tables in a simple (yet powerful) format once that will work on multiple databases. This includes features like cascading delete (so when you erase a user, he is removed as an editor, all sessions cleaned up, taken off the newsletter, etc -- all automatically), table joins, foreign keys, etc. We have also finished a new socket module which will make the link checker and bulk mailer more complete/stable.

What do we have left? We need to put it all together. A few of the new features need to get done, and some code re-organized.

How long will it be? Well that's the big question. I know a lot of people have been waiting on this for their own sites, as well as for clients sites -- and our missing our estimates has not helped at all. For that, I really do apologize. The core modules were a lot more work then I had hoped and anticipated; however I'm really excited about them, and think the benefit will be huge in the future.

I will say though it is a top priority and is being worked on quite a lot, we have four people here working on it alone. I'm hesitant to release another date, as the forum is an awful reminder of your track record, however we are working hard on the next version and hope to have a beta out soon. When is that? Well, I'm hoping not more then two weeks, but I have been too optimistic before.

I will try and communicate updates and what's going on a bit more frequently on the discussion forum, and will do a mass mailing to all registered owners once a beta is available (please don't email me about a private beta, we will make it public once it's available).

Thank you for your patience and understanding,


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