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Product Schedule Update

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Product Schedule Update

Just a quick note to let people know where we are with some of our products:

Links SQL - The PHP front end is almost done, we only have the search and a part of the modify to do. We expect to release a 2.1.0 beta this coming friday or next monday which people can try out the new php front end and a review system and let us know what you think.

Gossamer Mail - 2.0.6 was just released a few days ago, but we expect to put out a major update in two weeks which will have all new templates that are easier to edit and maintain.

Gossamer Forum - The second and last beta is due out tomorrow. This will include major speed optimizations. We've tuned things so the average page is 6x quicker to load, and the worst case is up to 9x faster. We expect the final version 1.0.0 to be released friday.

DBMan SQL - 1.0.1 is just going through some final testing and fixing a few windows issues. This will be up monday and will add some search enhancements, and fix upload problems people have been having.

Gossamer Community - Work has begun, and we hope to have something soon. This product will be the glue that ties all our products together with a common user system.

We also have some exciting announcements coming up this week regarding a new product, and some other programs we are putting in place.


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