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New Plugins!

If you haven't checked your admin area lately, there are quite a few new plugins added in the last month:

Links SQL:
  • Count_Impressions: automatically bumps a counter every time a link is viewed, good for sites that need to track impressions, as well as clicks.
  • User: Adds a profile screen for users to modify their own information.
  • DirectoryDepth: Adds a new depth column to your category table to see how deep categories are buried. Useful for calculating advertising costs.
  • PHP_PPC_Banner: A PHP pay per click banner system.

Gossamer Forum:
  • User_Notification: sends an email to the admin whenever a user signs up.
  • KarmaPolice: adds a rating system to posts, where you can +1 or -1 posts, and filter your results to only see posts with a certain rating.

You can download any of these from your admin Panel, just click on Plugins, then Plugin Download, and then Show Plugins on Gossamer.


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