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Outlook won't cooperate

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Outlook won't cooperate
I'm new to the message board, hope I'm in the right place for this issue.
I was using Outlook, everything working fine, then my HD crashed. Replaced it and reinstalled software. The original e-mail software that came with my operating system was Outlook Express. I reinstalled Outlook but I can't get my computer to use it.

When I try to receive new e-mails on Outlook it says "tcp-ip connection was unexpectedly terminated by the server". When I then switch back to Outlook express, it receives the messages fine.

I have checked all the settings I know about to make Outlook be my default connection under internet options.

Am I missing something that would prevent Outlook from receiving messages?
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Re: [msweigl] Outlook won't cooperate In reply to
Erm, since when have Gossamer developed Outlook ? Wink

Post questions about Gossamer Threads as a company or new ideas for programs you'd like to see.

I've moved your post for you, into the appropriate forum.


Andy (mod)
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