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Are rubies more precious than perls???

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Are rubies more precious than perls???
so...Are rubies more precious than perls?
many thinks so...

If you haven't read about it yet there is a new programming language coming out by the name of RUBY...as to what it stands for I do not know but it has been getting enough buzz latley about its very nice programming style...Apparently most are saying that it is "the replacement for perl"...so that in mind I wanted to know the opinion of you Perl Web Gurus read about it and tell me what you think...

read about RUBY on the main site:

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Re: [Crapshoot70] Are rubies more precious than perls??? In reply to
It's not coming out, it's been out, for quite a while (years). It's extremely popular over in Japan, it hasn't caught on big in the US

The bit that I've looked at, I've liked. It's a true OO language. Larry Wall loves the language and the fact that Ruby incorporates the best from Perl and other languages, and meshes them together and improves upon it.

Many think Ruby is what Perl 6 should be like. I haven't used it enough to make that judgement.

For anyone interested, there's a Ruby book published online at http://www.rubycentral.com/book/
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Re: [Mark Badolato] Are rubies more precious than perls??? In reply to
I think the Japanese like it because it seems to provide double-bit character ability from the start.
Therefore making Japanese, Chinese, and Korean languages easier to use in scripts.

With perl 6 unicode is supposed to have better and fuller intergration.

But, I'm not a programmer and people like Mark will know much more.

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