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using templated pages with Links2.0

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using templated pages with Links2.0
On my site, I use a template system on all of my pages, so that everything looks the same. For example, the HTML for a page so that the templated page would be used when the page is loaded would look like this:

<!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" startspan -->
<!-- template '/domains/civnation.com/docs/template/template.txt' -->
<!-- start insert '1' -->
bot="HTMLMarkup" endspan -->

---Page Text---

<!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" startspan -->
<!-- stop insert '1' -->
<!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" endspan -->

I'm using the HTML templates for Links, so I tried to enter this code onto the HTML, so that all generated links page would look like the rest of my site, but it doesn't work. Is there anyway I can get this code to work, or even a way to restructure the code so that it would do the same thing?

Also, I have the nested ifs mod installed, if that means anything to you.
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