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Hi Andrew,

I'm not really that fond of either ideas. Smile I don't like passwords because experience has shown that people never remember them. I think the current security is adequate:

1. The admin can view the original and new link. Any blatant changes should be noticeable. Also, if the contact email addresses don't match he can verify before approving the change.

2. The site owner is emailed a copy of the changes. If he didn't submit the change, this should raise a flag.

As for expired links, ideally that's what the link verifyier is for. Links don't really expire do they? As long as the information is still there, the link is still good. If the information is stale or outdated, then the link should be removed, not just because it's been in the directory.

Just my 0.02, although I'm always open to other opinions/arguments.


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