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Downloads admin.,pl ?!?

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Downloads admin.,pl ?!?

I've been attempting to install the script package on my server, and have followed the sage advice offered that one needs to change all of the .cgi extensions and references thereto in all files, yet I am still experiencing a most befuddling malady here. Once I enter the address, in this case, http://farhaven.dynip.com/cgi-bin/admin/admin.pl, it insists just as it did before making all the edits, on trying to download the file from my site. This, is a new one, I must admit!

The basics:

The server runs on a Windows 98 platform, on a P200MMX, 256M RAM. The http daemon is from Omnicron, being OmniHTTPd Pro 2.02. My Perl interpreter is ActiveState Perl, build 509, which I *think* does support flock(), not certain on that. It is enabled in the links.cfg file, however. My externals are set so that the Perl interpreter processes both .cgi and .pl extensions, I have other scripted cgi's that run just fine with this setup. (The only cgi's that I have had problems with are the compiled C versions, and these run as expected once renamed to an .exe extension)

Any assistance or suggestions would be most gratefully accepted, as this one has gotten me completely stumped here...

Belgarius Mourngrym
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