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short/long display

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short/long display
I've combined the format from the original html.pl with the short/long display and have it working...except for:

(1) The short display isn't showing up in the table format I set up in the sub html_record. (starts around line 216)

(2) The short display is underlining all fields after the $long_url. The correct field links to the long display - the rest of the fields don't link to the long display, they're just underlined and I can't see from what!

(3)I inserted a <HR> on line 265 for in between the records and have <td align=left> in the table but it shows up about the middle of the screen.

(4) The long display isn't displaying ANYthing except for the next/previous/short display links. Also, I've tried to get the 'Your search returned x matches' and those links centered, but they won't budge from the left margin.

Any suggestions? (It's saved as html_pl.txt at www.amix.com/dbman)
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