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Pre-Sale Questions

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Pre-Sale Questions
Hi -

I'm looking for a links directory script that will allow me to offer two levels of non-paid listings for a gallery directory that I'm building. The free "basic" listing will include a simple text link with a brief description for gallery sites that offer 50 images, while the "enhanced" free listing will be available to sites that have 300 or more images. The enhanced listings need to include a larger text link, longer description & a thumbnail image. People will be able to submit their sites for an enhanced listing, but the final determination as to the type of listing they'll receive in the directory will be up to the Admin. Also, the admin needs to have the ability to assign a rating to each site during the submission process (a simple thumbs up or thumbs down type of rating.) One last thing... each listing (both basic and enhanced) should feature assignable icons for the various forms of payment that each site accepts (Visa, MC, Paypal, Clickbank, etc.)

Will Links do this for me without any major customizations?
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Thread Pre-Sale Questions Cliff 3890 Sep 11, 2008, 6:41 PM
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