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[HELP] :: If - Elseif Question

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[HELP] :: If - Elseif Question
I am trying to edit a template and am having a question with if/elseif condition and would really appreciate if someone know how to fix it.

User Profile has below tables/fields:


Now what I am wanting to do is, to make sure that user has all 4 fields in their profile before they are able to add new listing.

I am not really aware of detailed use of if/else if statements, so I tried using below code but seems like I am not doing it right.

<%if Address%>
<%elsif City%>
<%elsif State%>
<%elsif Zip%>
Links to add new listings.

I also tried using
<%unless 'Address' & 'City' & Zip'%>Links to add new listings<%else%>Please fill in your profile completely<%endif%>

But it don't seem to be working.

Any Ideas?

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