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Database / Gforum problem

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Database / Gforum problem
I am having an issue with my Gforum after moving it to a new server...
I had custom user_ fields in my database, the fields are still there, however when I go into my user table editor they are not showing up... If you load someone's profile which has already had information loaded in that field, it shows up without any problems.. However if a user tries to edit that profile information it does not update.


In my User Table editor (in the admin program) the field user_bio does not show up.
If I look in the SQL database user_bio does infact exsist under the user_gforum table
If I look up a users profile which references user_bio and they have filled in information, it shows up in the users profile.
If a user tries to update the info for user_bio they can not, the form submits without error but the data does not change.
If I try to add user_bio to my user table in the admin program, it says that the field already exist and will not add it.

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