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ARGH... modifying in 2.2.0

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ARGH... modifying in 2.2.0
Hi guys. Got a really annoying problem here :*(

1 ID INT Yes ID TEXT ^\d+$
2 Title VARCHAR(100) Yes Title TEXT 3
3 URL VARCHAR(255) Yes http:// URL TEXT ^\w+: 1
4 LinkOwner VARCHAR(50) Yes admin LinkOwner TEXT
5 Add_Date DATE Yes 0000-00-00 Add Date DATE
6 Mod_Date DATE Yes 0000-00-00 Mod Date DATE
7 Description TEXT No Description TEXTAREA 1
8 Contact_Name CHAR(255) No Contact Name TEXT
9 Contact_Email VARCHAR(255) No Contact Email TEXT
10 Hits INT Yes Hits TEXT ^\d+$
11 isNew ENUM(No, Yes) Yes No isNew SELECT
12 isChanged ENUM(No, Yes) Yes No isChanged SELECT
13 isPopular ENUM(No, Yes) Yes No isPopular SELECT
14 isValidated ENUM(No, Yes) Yes Yes isValidated SELECT
15 Rating FLOAT Yes 0.00 Rating TEXT ^\d+\.?\d*$
16 Votes SMALLINT Yes Votes TEXT ^\d+$
17 Status SMALLINT Yes Status TEXT ^-?\d+$
18 Date_Checked DATETIME No 0000-00-00 00:00:00 Date Checked DATE
19 Timestmp TIMESTAMP No Timestamp DATE
20 ExpiryDate INT Yes 2147483647 Expiry Date TEXT
21 ExpiryCounted TINYINT Yes Expiry optimization hidden
22 ExpiryNotify TINYINT Yes Expiry notification sent hidden
23 OwnerTitle TEXT No Owner Title SELECT
24 FirstName TEXT No First Name TEXT
25 LastName TEXT No Last Name TEXT
26 SiteEmail TEXT No Site Contact Email TEXT
27 Address VARCHAR(255) No Address TEXTAREA
28 PostCode VARCHAR(255) No PostCode TEXT
29 Telephone TEXT No Tel. Number TEXT
30 MobileNumber TEXT No Mobile Number TEXT
31 Country VARCHAR(255) No Country SELECT
32 Section1Title TEXT No Section 1 Title TEXT
33 Section1HTML TEXT No Section 1 Text TEXTAREA
34 Section2Title TEXT No Section 2 Title TEXT
35 Section2HTML TEXT No Section 2 Text TEXTAREA
36 Section3Title TEXT No Section 3 Title TEXT
37 Section3HTML TEXT No Section 3 Title TEXTAREA
38 Section4Title TEXT No Section 3 Title TEXT
39 Section4HTML TEXT No Section 4 Title TEXTAREA
40 Image1 VARCHAR(255) No Image 1 FILE
41 DomainName TEXT No DomainName TEXT
42 Meta_Description TEXT No Meta Description TEXT
43 Meta_Keywords TEXT No Meta Keywords TEXT
44 TypeOfSite TEXT No Type Of Site SELECT
45 ExtraTranslationFrench TEXT No Extra Translation French SELECT
46 ExtraTranslationArabic TEXT No Extra Translation Arabic SELECT
47 Theme TEXT No Theme SELECT
48 Business_Name TEXT No Business Name TEXT
49 Fax TEXT No Fax TEXT
50 Section3List TEXT No Section 3 Bullet TEXTAREA

.. but when I try to modify a link; I get;

Column Name can not be left blank.

I've double checked through the lsql_Links.def file, and can't see any reference to "Name" (only Contact_Name ,FirstName and LastName (all of these are set to non-required, as I build up the contact name slightly different to normal in this installation Smile).

Anyone got any ideas?

I had this problem quite a while ago... but I can'seem to remember what I did to fix it Unimpressed


Andy (mod)
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