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Re: [shann123] random connection

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OK.. I ended up figuring this problem out for myself... as with almost everything else for some reason.....

If interested, use this in place of the original @db_connect

my @array = qw/username1 username2 username3/; #space between each username
my $username = @array[rand @array];
@db_connect = ("DBI:mysql:dbname:servername","$username","password"); # password needs to be the same for each account for this to work.

Also, I got used to being able to see login error logs with my old htaccess password protection. I can't do that with dbman and wondering if anyone has any suggestions?
Since I've had to do most of it myself, I'll probably end up having to figure out a mod that will write to an error table for each failed attempt at logging in, but if anyone already has something like that, I'd really like to to see it! :-)

DBMan SQL Version 1 mods available at:
(Mods based on JPDeni's original mods.)
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