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Pagebuilder Directory names

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Pagebuilder Directory names
Hi All,

From reading thru other Pagebuilder posts here i see i should be able to get PB to build any directory name for a link that's defined in the lsql_Links table.

I've setup a new column in lsql_Links called DirName and using Pagebuilder have setup a page like this:

Page Type: Link
Page Name: ArticlePage1
Page Title: ArticlePage1
Parent Page: Root
Breadcrumb: Type None
Page Condition: LinkType = Article
Build Directory: articles/<%DirName%>
Build Filename: index.php

Which currently returns an error:

ArticlePage1 (Unable to build link page}.
Filename should contain one of the following tags: and/or
Directory should contain one of the following tags: , ,

I had this working a few weeks back before my site went live (damned if i can remember how i did it Frown)

thanks for your help or suggestions!

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