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Sorry, I gotta vent :(

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Sorry, I gotta vent :(
EUGH! In the Uk, we have a group called the DVLA. They *supposedly* check for illegal cars on the road, get road tax, manage ownerships of cars, etc.

Well, I've just had a letter through today, ordering me to pay 25 (about $40) because I didn't send in my SORN form (Statuary Of Road Notification). Well, not that they will believe me, but I sent it the day before I got my new car! So, I gott pay the fine, even though it wasn't my fault (I got no notifications via the post about it not being notified as SORN).

As if that isn't bad enough, my new car (well, I say new, but I've had it since January), they have *ONLY* just transfered it to my name! I've been stopped 15 times in the last 7 months, because they said it was registered to a female owner, so they wanted to know why I was driving it.

Man, I wish they would get their act together. At the end of the day, its people like me who get screwed over cos their guys have too many coffee breaks! Mad

Sorry, just had to vent that. Its really messed up my day :(

Andy (mod)
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