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Plugins Update Jan 2003
I'm in the process of updating/migrating all my sites to the current Links version, and after that, will keep better track of what version each site is using. In the process I'm updating my plugins, and grouping my code into modules and blocks for my "one final plugin" -- SQL Widgets -- which will hopefully eliminate the need to write small plugins ever again <G>

At that point all my code will be released under a modified GPL type license, where it can be freely used and modified provided all modifications and code it's used in is also openly shared and released under the same open source, free to use, no charge for the code license, by people who have a valid Gossamer-Threads license for Links SQL.

Only the Image Gallery/etc program will be commercial, and as I said, possibly OEM.

Once I clean them up, and get a license statement in place, I'll release the Postcards.cgi and the Upload/Logo scripts as well. Postcards.cgi is functioning, but the Upload/Logo system is possibly still broken, as it was one of the casualties of my crash last year. But, putting it into general release will allow it to continue and perhaps grow on it's own.

There may be some subtle bugs with the postcards.cgi script with new versions of Links, and it would be nice to have a bunch of people using it, to make sure it's doing what it seems to be doing.

Why the change? Well, I was never really wanting to do software development, only my own site development, and I got side tracked, and then trampled on by life somewhere along the way.

Also, quite frankly, the number of donations and shareware registrations of my existing scripts is disappointing, to the point of barely buying a pizza for my kids every 6 months or so, despite the number of downloads and installations they are running on. Far worse track record than any of my C/Delphi/etc programs released over the years via my BBS.

People don't seem to want to pay anything for software unless a club is put to their heads (as in not letting them use it until they pay up first), and I'm not going to go that route. So why even pretend? The modified GPL license will force people to share their modifications, or face prosecution under the software piracy acts and copyright acts. I like that better ;)

For the average user, or 90% of sites, this new licensing won't make a bit a difference to you, or me. It should actually help us both get better software in the end. To the other 10%, it has teeth, and while pugs don't bite, they have big-dog friends that do.

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